Our Team

We are a dedicated team that is ready to assist your trade needs with Indonesia.

Robby Handoko


As Director of ITPC Vancouver, Robby leads the organization, decides which trade shows to participate in, selects Canadian buyers to work with, liaises with the Ministry of Trade in Jakarta, and much more. Robby moved to Vancouver in September 2019 to manage ITPC Vancouver but has worked for Indonesia’s Ministry of Trade since 2006.

Yuni Fatria Putrie

Deputy Director

Putrie is responsible for internal administration and finances at ITPC Vancouver. She also works to develop partnerships between Canadian importers and Indonesian exporters and helps Robby with trade shows. Putrie’s educational background is in international relations and her prior work experience was dealing with international trade cooperations, particularly trade in services and bilateral trade for North American (Canada, USA, Mexico) affairs.

Verry Jap

Trade Assistant

Verry is ITPC Vancouver’s resident trade show and data expert. He has worked for the centre for the last four years. Prior to joining the ITPC team, Verry worked as a photographer in Canada and an architect in Indonesia.

Brigida Karren Tin

Trade Assistant

Karren is the newest member of ITPC Vancouver’s team. She holds the role of local Trade Assistant and is responsible for various administrative duties. Previously in Indonesia, Karren had worked at some private schools and then in 2018 she came to Vancouver to pursue her postgraduate education.