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Cantiq Living

Cantiq Living imports and distributes handcrafted woven baskets and bags made by artisans in Indonesia with techniques passed down and perfected over generations. Artisans are Indonesian women, and many of them are mothers and grandmothers. Each
product is made by hands, so it takes up to four weeks to make it one bag.

Casamia home

CASAMIA was born to help people build a home with love and dreams by providing home decorating items. Home is a place to relax and feel safe. CASAMIA fulfills the dream that people can spend the best time in home on their own terms.

I Tea Monster

In West Sumatera, Indonesia, I Tea Monster was started by harvesting leaves from coffee plants on a family land and these grow wild up in the volcanic mountains that have the rich and nutritious soil.

The batik library

The Batik Library connects consumers through Indonesian traditional clothes, batik, which were added to one of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2009. Each batik has a motif from Indonesian legends, folklore and histories.


“Dedicated to enriching spaces aesthetically and functionally.” Avanica Furniture values traditionally handcrafted wooden furnishings to bring artistry and finesse of superior life to a home.

Kumala Living

Kumala Living is an exclusive curated product by Kumala Home and Kitchen from Indonesia. Kumala Home and Kitchen, which is one of the strongest distribution companies in quality houseware, were rebranded from Kumala at the end of 2019.


Archipelago offers unique and high-quality products, produced by local companies in Indonesia. Their mission is to increase the capacity of Indonesian small and medium
enterprises by assisting in the development of their products and to establish a sustainable market position in North America.


Davanti was founded in 2022 as a furniture and home accessories brand based in Canada, and they are currently dedicated to serving customers in Calgary, Alberta, and Vancouver,
British Columbia.