• Realization of Indonesian Wafer Roll and Instant Coffee Exports to Canada

    The Director of ITPC Vancouver, Mr. Andri Satria Permana together with the Deputy Director of ITPC Vancouver, Ms. Putrie, and the Economic/Social and Cultural Function of the Indonesian Consulate General in Vancouver, Mr. Pinardi, accompanied the Indonesian Consul General in Vancouver, Mr. Hendra Halim witnessed the process of loading and unloading containers and checking the export of snack products and Indonesian drinks.

    Through the North Coastline entrance, Savoria Group and Golden Panda (private label) succeeded in exporting snacks and beverages with a value of nearly USD $100,000

    This product export momentum is the realization and continuation of several trade exhibitions including the Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) and business matching that has been carried out by ITPC Vancouver.

    In a brief discussion with UNO Food, it was stated that his party was greatly helped by the support from ITPC Vancouver, starting from product selection to the product delivery process to Canada.

    ITPC Vancouver will continue to provide assistance to Indonesian business actors so they can export and penetrate the Canadian market.

  • Meeting between ITPC Vancouver and Baramulti Group

    The director of ITPC Vancouver, Mr. Andri Satria Permana; and the Deputy Director of ITPC Vancouver, Mrs. Putrie, had a meeting with Brooklyn Industries Canada Limited (part of Baramulti Group) represented by Mr. Aries Suswendi. This meeting was also attended by the Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Hendra Halim.

    Baramulti Group offered innovative, environmentally friendly and sustainable products processed using natural materials by waste recycling system to be sold in Canadian and US markets.

    Under its investment, Baramulti Group introduced the Bluesville brand which promotes products colored using blue natural dyes from tarum leaves (indigofera tinctoria).

    Baramulti also introduced the Bell Living Lab brand that produced vegan leather products such as apparel (bags, shoes, wallets) and furnitures from coffee wastes (such as cascara, husk, and used coffee grounds).

    Indonesia is one of the biggest exporters of textiles and footwear to Canada. So, the products seem to have big opportunities in the market.

  • Courtesy Meeting with Diaspora and Indonesian Store Vendors

    On several occasions, the Director and Deputy Director of ITPC Vancouver facilitated courtesy meetings with diaspora and Indonesian store vendors.

    These meetings are aimed to hopefully build synergy and collaboration between ITPC Vancouver, the Indonesian diaspora, and Indonesian store vendors.